LEGO Minecraft The Panda Haven Set 21245
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LEGO Minecraft The Panda Haven Set 21245

  • Features a buildable 3-floor toy house that resembles a supersized Minecraft Panda, with rooms and jointed limbs for it to move like a panda!
  • The panda-shaped buildable toy house has an opening back for kids to access the rooms inside, each filled with cool accessories for creative fun
  • The jointed structure with a hinged head lets kids position the panda house upright, on all fours or sitting, plus the rooms can be reconfigured
  • Includes a jungle explorer and a skeleton Minecraft character figures, panda and baby panda LEGO animal toys, plus a toy crossbow and hammer
  • Features a bamboo jungle element outside the LEGO Minecraft house where kids can feed cake to the panda toys - their favorite Minecraft pastime
  • Children who love Minecraft and animal toys will love this toy panda house; a fab birthday or any-time gift for kids Ages 8 plus years old